I haven’t written a movie review post in what seems like forever but I’ve seen so many great movies lately that many more will be coming up soon. My lovely friend Esther and I do movie nights periodically and tonight we watched this incredible gem of a movie. I couldn’t be more impressed honestly.

Memento is an amazing movie and my description is going to be incredibly lame and boring because I don’t want to give anything away. The movie centers around a man who suffers from short term memory loss who uses tattoos and notes he’s written to himself in the past to help him find the man who he thinks murdered his wife.  If I didn’t mention it already, oh yeah, the film is directed by Christopher Nolan. What this means is that you will have absolutely no clue what is going on until the end because Christopher Nolan is a god and his brain works in ways mortal brains do not.

To be quite honest, this movie confused the hell out of me in the best way. I had many theories as to what was occurring as the film progressed, but most of them turned out to be incorrect. After some serious post-viewing Googling, I managed to make some sense out of the plot line. There is some crazy chronological stuff going on, and pay attention to the black and white scenes that mix with the color ones. Watch this movie, embrace it, and then scavenge the internet for theories because you will be lost, and that is all part of the fun. Five stars for the mental trip, Chris.

Note: Dear Christopher Nolan, if you’re reading this, please tell me what happened in this movie. P.S. Let me have your brain.

Love, Miranda

This movie rocks. Watch it on Netflix Instant Watch mhm mhm mhm.

xox Miranda