Originally this post was called “10 Things to Do If You Literally Do Not Want To Think About Valentine’s Day At All”. However, I decided that I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer. Also I could only think of three things and they were all relatively destructive, and how creative can you really get with destruction on a college budget anyway?

So, I decided that I’m putting a new segment on this blog called “Ask A Dude”, where you can get real, uncensored opinions on things from guys themselves. This blog has too much estrogen sometimes, so I think a little manly advice is much needed. I asked some girls what they wanted to know from guys regarding the topic of Valentine’s Day, and here’s what you wanted to know, answered by real life guys.

This post was actually really fun to write, and I even think our guys had fun answering these questions.

Let me introduce our bachelors first:



What are your general feelings towards Valentine’s Day?

Sina: “Well, as someone who has been single on every single Valentine’s Day since birth it brings out two feelings. One being extreme jealousy, and the other is not giving a flying crap about the day. Usually depends on how my week is going.” 

Jacob: “It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype, and its easy to mock it, but I find it fun; I love any excuse to be over the top and do something special for a girl. I wish we had more holidays commemorating love.”

Ed: “I just miss the days when all the cute girls would give me a Valentine because I would feel like the man. Mind that this occurred during my elementary years, but it did wonders for the self esteem.”

Carson: “Valentine’s day is like cool but its made for women.”

Joel: “Honestly, I’ve always been pretty impartial towards it. It’s just another day on my calendar, and if I happen to have a special someone at the time then it is what it is, I’ll do something for her because girls seem to expect that, but if I don’t have anyone to spend it with I’m not going to fret over it. I have real issues and real problems to worry about, something as petty as being single on the 14th of some month is nothing to get depressed over.”


Is it weird for girls to ask guys out on Valentine’s Day, or should the guy have to do it?”

Sina: “It depends. If the guy and girl have been going steady for a while then the guy should ask the girl. For other situations I think it is okay that the girl asks the guy, however, this may be because I am desperate to get a Valentine’s Day date (not really).”

Jacob: “No! Chivalry is becoming a lost art form and it’s great to see guys do nice things for gals; however, I also think it’s rad to see a girl do something sweet for a boy. We should all get what we give, that’s how romance works in my opinion.”

Ed: “Honestly, I believe in a little chivalry so I have no problem asking the girl and doing things for her.”

Carson: It’s the guys job but women pretend they’re equal but never ask guys out anyway so why would Valentine’s Day be different?

Joel: “I don’t think guys should ever”have” to do anything in regards to asking someone out. If a girl wants to ask me to dinner that’s great, kind of cool even, but I mean don’t be asking me out and then expect for me to pay for everything. I miss the days when I could put a Nickelodeon themed card in a girl’s macaroni box and she told all her friends about it for months.”


Do guys really care about Valentine’s Day, or do they just go through the motions to make the girl happy?

Jacob: “Guys in general? I’d say no. its something that has grown out of its marketability, some people feel obligated to do stuff. But think about all those people who ask their crush to be their valentine, it riles people up to express how they feel, that’s worth any amount of overblown commercialism to me.”

Sina: “We certainly, but secretly do. We enjoy dressing like James Bond and drowning our girlfriends with gifts, chocolates, and roses. Now whether we do this out of the kindness of our heart or because of what may come after the date depends on the guy. If I ever did have a Valentine’s Day date, i would put a large amount of effort into making them feel extremely special on that day.”

Ed: “I’d say for the most part it’s just one of those things you have to do. If you’re really about The Notebook, then all the power to you, but I’m really just in it for the candy and stuff my mom sends me.”

Carson: “Guys don’t really care, usually they do it for the girl. So if they really care and they know the girl cares and they’re a good guy they’ll care.

Joel: “It’s definitely to mainly make the girl happy, but saying we don’t care wouldn’t be the full truth. I care about it because seeing a girl a smile about something I do for her makes me happy in return, so if taking her to dinner or buying her flowers on Valentine’s Day will do that, then it’s worth it to me.”


What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

Sina: “Delicious food+view of Eiffel Tower+proposal ring=dream date. Chessy and cliche? Yes. Do I care? No.”

Jacob: “A date with a really vivacious girl, someone who likes to play and be as stupid and lovey dovey as i am. Have a nice dinner at someplace we’ve never been to, like the Sun Dial, some place crazy. I’d bring roses, maybe some home made brownies and a mixtape, Maybe pull her aside and play her a song I’ve written, we’d go dancing or go to a good show, with as much unnecessary kissing and closeness as possible. Make everyone else sick of it.”

Ed: “My ideal Valentine’s date would probably be a concert. Even if it’s not my kind of show. I’m always about chicks that are about the music.”

Carson: “I don’t know, just hanging out with a girl i like and doing something alone.”

Joel: “Going to dinner and then going to a concert would be my ideal Valentine’s day date.”


What’s your best Valentine’s Day pick up line?

Jacob: “Netflix is red, and i like you. Let’s make out and watch Doctor Who”

Sina: “Excuse me, but I left my library card at home. Is it still okay if I check you out?”

Carson: “I don’t know I like to compliment girls shoes. Learned it from Drake and Josh.”

Ed:  “I’m Ed, you’re beautiful. Let’s make some mistakes.”

Joel: “I’ve got two tickets for Nickelback this Saturday if you’re free….”



Joel, writer/founder at This Sound Goes Around.

Ed, writer at This Sound Goes Around.

Jacob, musician in Mr.Mustache

Sina, writer at I’ve Sina Lot in My Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo Miranda

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