When I think about the month of March, visions of florals and pollen are conjured up in my brain. I see sunny streets, white linens, green grass, pinks and yellows, and a million other things colorful and breezy. I usually block out the intense period of spring showers that I know are coming, but that’s beside the point. Last month’s inspiration was a little more geared towards my personal favorite things of February, but this month will be a little more general. I noticed by February Inspiration post had made it’s way to the bottom of the homepage, so I figured it was time to gear up for another month of nice things. Here are some pretty things to inspire you this March!

I am not usually one to embrace color. I usually stick to my palette of gray, black, and white. However, I’m feeling quite colorful lately (or at least I’m trying to), so I’ve been digging on colorful clothes and just pretty looking brightly colored things in general.


pretty glasswork by an artist i can’t remember from a museum in milwaukee


the above photo was taken in athens, georgia by moi.

tumblr_mjw8mh8yVO1s8ooujo1_500as you may know, in the past i’ve embraced the colorful hair trend, and i’m thinking of bringing that back. thoughts?

free people freepeep

these pretty free people advertisements

Lately (well always) I’ve been inspired by the designs and colors of Indian art and festivals. They channel this beautiful and exciting energy that I’ve always been intrigued by. I always think of how awesome it would be to throw the pigments used for Holi festivals at my wedding and get everyone’s dresses all colorful. Is that a terrible idea because my husband is gonna need to be down for that.

holi-festival-india paint


I’m kind of inspired to do a photoshoot based on this idea. I just love how colorful everything is. It makes everyone’s faces look so beautiful.

I’ve also been getting all antsy about moving into my first apartment this year! I’ve been scouring home decor blogs for ideas, and I have a good few lined up in my mind. Dreamily gazing at Anthropologie’s website has become my number one hobby. Anyone know of any good home design blogs? I’ve been reading Young House Love and A Beautiful Mess religiously. I might as well show you my way too expensive Anthropologie wishlist while I’m being an obnoxious female who talks about home decor.

27309798_007_i chair wallchur cur tr

So what does everyone else love in spring? I turn into an unstoppable cleaner/organizer. I’m always bringing clothes to Goodwill and giving all of my stuff away. Does anyone else give away all of their stuff and then want it back two months later?

xo Miranda