The other day my friend and I were trying to recall all of the different colors my hair has been. I legitimately couldn’t remember. Someone commented on here the other day about my hair color so I thought I’d take a trip to through the Facebook hair color archives and write this all out. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with dying my hair for a while now. It all started in 9th grade, when I decided I wanted to dye all of my hair red. Not ginger, but red. My mom, of course, said no, and I, of course, did it anyway. It looked absolutely awful for the first few weeks because, duh, my mom was right. So here’s what that looked like, you can kind of see that it eventually faded into a more reddy brown looking thing.

ah 01After the red all faded out, naturally I got bored. You will see that boredom is the real root of my addiction. So, I decided to dye a chunk of my hair blonde just for the hell of it. I wanted to dye the chunk a dark blue, but I instead went for red again since I was obviously missing it. I’m really grateful that I took so many selfies in high school now.


08This faded pretty quickly, as most colored dyes do, so once the red started getting pinkish blonde, I changed the game again over to green.


04That blue was one of my favorite hair choices. It faded into a really light green-yellow, which I’m sure some people hated, but I loved it.  So that eventually faded to a big blonde chunk. #lolmeatprom


After the blue faded back into blonde, as it always does, I went for something pretty intense, purple ombre. It faded to pink but hopefully in these pictures you can kind of see the transition here.

sleep purp 11
So I entered college with that pink, damn. Well pretty soon after that I got my hair cut real short, so all I had were some little faded pink blond ends in there for a while. Now that my hair has gotten longer, shocker, I got bored. Literally yesterday, I was like what the hell, so I bought some bleach and got a little ombre going in the ends.

moi meow
So that is where I am now. I think I’m finally done with colors. I really love having a little blonde in my hair though, since I’ve always secretly envied blondes. I think the tie dye effect of the random different shades of blonde mixed around the ends suits me. Is anyone else as crazy as I am with hair dye?

Hope this was interesting for you, I enjoyed the throwback, haha.

xo Miranda