Hey everyone just wanted to give you all a wee little update! Last week, HVB opened the doors to it’s new and exciting Etsy shop! We’re very excited to premiere it as it’s been in the making for quite a while.

We’re selling some amazing vintage clothing, and we’re so excited to share it with you! Visit the shop:


Another bit of news, we’ve created a Twitter account! We’ll be updating on the account when there are new posts and when we list new Etsy items! Follow that here:


Last bit of news, I just wanted to link you all to my Flickr account, I’ve been posting full photoshoots on the blog, and I wanted to relieve you, and our server, of the stress, so I’ll be uploading photos there for the most part. Of course, you’ll still get some here, but that will be the main outlet! Check out the Flickr here:gab12Again, thank you for your support and love through the years! We love you all!

xo Miranda