Hey guys! I conducted this interview a month or so ago with Dylan Owen for This Sound Goes Around, and I thought I’d post it here for you guys to check out! He’s an awesome dude!

Rappers these days are all about making money and getting women, right? Wrong. Rap is evolving into a genre more near art than it has ever been before. One man who is consistently proving this is NYC-based rap artist Dylan Owen. After releasing a full-length album during his senior year of high school, Owen went on to study for a year at Cornell University before moving to the city to pursue his music. Pretty amazing, right? What have you done since your senior year of high school? Excuse me while I hide in a corner.

Dylan and I had the opportunity to sit down and chat about his newest music video, “Ghosts Revisited”, which premieres a totally revamped version of the song “Ghosts” from his most recent EP, Keep Your Friends Close. Here’s what happened.

Watch the video:

Miranda: “Ghosts Revisited” is interesting to watch because it really brings us right into your world. What do you miss most about home?

Dylan Owen: It was filmed in and around Goshen, NY as I’m sure you could kind of tell. I miss the simplicity of being home. It’s a comfortable place for me back there and a lot of my old friends are there, so it’s always nice and nostalgic going back.

Very cool. It’s interesting that you chose this song in particular, since “Ghosts” is about living with that one thing that haunts you and follows you everywhere. It’s almost ironic that you’re coming full circle with it since a lot of times our ghosts do revisit us when we least expect them to. When did you realize that you needed to follow up with it?

That’s a really interesting way to look at it. And I am coming full circle with it. I’ve had this idea to do Ghosts Revisited for a year now, believe it or not. I see it as this: It’s been a long time since the original track, and though those feelings are still there, I have a bit of a new perspective on them that I wanted to communicate through this video and this version of the song. Capture the old, and also communicate how I feel now.

Why did you choose this song in particular?

I chose this song because it had room for revisiting, in my opinion; I felt there could be a sequel with a new direction as it was a more general track than “Garden of the Angels”, for example. It’s always been one that’s up for interpretation and might mean different things to different people.

I definitely agree. It’s kind of timeless in that sense.

Thank you.

The new track comes with a new and incredibly catchy chorus sung by the very talented Kiah Victoria. Where did “you’re not the only one to make it home” come from?

That line can be read into in two ways: “You’re not the only one to make it to a safe place, after the relationship/experience” or “You’re not the only one who can make it feel like home for me.” So it’s a more accusatory, empowering stance than the original Ghosts.

Do you ever regret immortalizing a relationship or experience in a song?

Nope, I don’t ever regret it. I like to look back at my music from that time and see exactly what I was feeling.

What was your motivation behind including the younger version of yourself in the video?

 The interpretation of ghosts in the video can mean different things. The young me is there to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a past time, when things were simpler and more innocent.

I love all of the shots that have the two of you doing the same thing. You really do get the sense of nostalgia there.

Yeah, really big shout out to Mike Holland, the director. We collaborated on the idea; super natural and organic.

How did you two end up working together?

Mike and I have known each other for a few years, when I was going to Cornell he started going to Ithaca College (right nearby). He also works with Logic and QuESt so we reconnected after talking early on… music is such a small world.


Yes it really is. So there are a couple of different “ghosts” in the video. Talk to us about the girl we see.

The EP that the original song is on is a lot about one relationship. The female character plays the role of that relationship in the video. She sticks with me but doesn’t notice me or react to me. We’re living in two separate worlds.

Does this video give you more closure with that situation?

It really does. It’s going to feel great to release it and share it with the world. It’s like getting it out of my head in a way.

I feel like you’ve been caught up in a bit of a whirlwind this year. People have responded insanely well to your release this summer “The Window Seat”. What’s that like?

I’m thrilled when people connect with my music. It’s so personal to me and to hear that I’ve helped, inspired, or uplifted people is just incredible. Blows me away.

I can’t even imagine that feeling. Is that same vibe there at a live show?

Completely, except in person, so it’s got a whole other dimension to it.

Do you have any plans to do a tour in the near future?

I’m going to be putting out new music following “Ghosts Revisited” in 2014, and as soon as that’s happening I’d love to tour. Small towns, big towns, cities, everywhere and anywhere is important to me.

Well if you need couches to stay on in ATL, you know we’ve got you covered! [Laughs]

[Laughs] I appreciate that maybe I’ll take you up on it.

Good. Thanks again for taking time to talk with us Dylan!

It was really nice talking to you!


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