As a self-proclaimed cinephile, I have long been ashamed of the fact that until today, I had not seen Stephen King’s legendary The Shining, mastered by the visionary Stanley Kubrick. If you don’t know, Stanley Kubrick is the man behind iconic films like A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Full Metal Jacket. Also, if you are not familiar with Stephen King, please become familiar. The ingenious author has crafted works of all genres, though he is famous for his horror stories (If you are looking to jump in, try It or Misery). 

I have been seeing gifs of this movie since the beginning of time, and when I stumbled upon a copy in the $5 bin at WalMart I pounced. I sat down to watch this with my good friend Alex today (a fellow cinephile) and to say we analyzed the crap out of it would be an understatement. I’ve heard that Stephen King himself wasn’t particularly fond of the film, so I’d definitely be interested in reading the book, but the movie is phenomenal on its own.

Some points of note- the cinematography in the film is amazing, and the coloring and acting are both incredible as well. I’ll insert some stills into this so you can see what I’m saying but the movie is definitely worth a watch. If you’re a fan of cinematography and the importance of shot set-up, you will be blown away. Kubrick is known for his meticulous filming style, and the movie took nearly a year to create. It’s beautiful and amazing, and you should watch it as soon as you can.

Jack Nicholson stars as the main character, and his performance is great. Nicholson’s wife is played by Shelley Duvall, and she is also noteworthy. The movie is not entirely what I thought it’d be about, but I’m such a huge fan. The movie has vibes similar to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, and similar symmetrical cinematography to movies by Wes Anderson. Obviously Kubrick’s came first, but I can definitely see Kubrick vibes in movies and TV shows that are more contemporary.

02 030405060710Have you seen The Shining? What did you think?

xo Miranda