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High Voltage is always looking for interesting & talented writers to share their opinions.

If you’d like to submit content to High Voltage, send your pitches in after checking out the guidelines below! Mail to: mirandahighvoltage@gmail.com

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Here’s what we’re looking for. Please include your name & age in your email. 

  1. Submissions that fall into any of our editorial categories. We love publishing articles about beauty, fashion, music, movies, books, and interesting people, places, & things. If you’ve got something to say about one of the above, send your submissions to mirandahighvoltage@gmail.com with the subject line: Editorial Pitch.
  2. Questions for our advice columns! We operate advice columns about Beauty, Life, & Loooove stuff. Feel free to submit questions at any time to mirandahighvoltage@gmail.com with the subject line: Ask High Voltage.
  3. Are you an artist, photographer, or illustrator? We’d love to feature your work with our posts! Submit artwork & illustrations to mirandahighvoltage@gmail.com with the subject line: Art Submission.
  4. Fiction! Are you a writer or poet? Submit your words to our Fiction column – it’s brand new! By now, I’m sure you know where to send your pieces, but use the subject line “Fiction Zone

Please submit a draft of your proposed work with your email! It doesn’t have to be super long just yet – a short excerpt will do!

Do you pay your contributors?

Not yet. Currently we are a small editorial team, and High Voltage is not monetized with ads. We hope to expand the site in order to make revenue that will allow us to pay all of our contributors!

When will I hear back?

We aim to respond to all submissions within two weeks of receiving them. The more info you send us, the faster we can respond to you! Include your social links, and drafts of your pitches when you send them in!

Send all pitches to: mirandahighvoltage@gmail.com

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